Friday, August 11, 2006

The Wedding Dress

Hi - hope you are all feeling great on this Friday morning! My blog today is about The Wedding Dress. I bought a Wedding Dress in 2003 when Martin and I got married. I have to say that I had a very strong idea of what I wanted - so much so that I was even sure of where I was going to go to make my dream come true! More on that later! .....

Again this week I have found some very relevant advice and tips in the 'Wedding Bible' by Sarah Hayward - there are many bridal services available. Off-the-peg, made-to-measure, dressmaker and couture - to name the main ones.

The off-the-peg and made-to-measure service will have an alteration service - basically a made-to-fit service. You will need to find out all the costs involved and be sure of the process.

The dressmaker may well be a fantastic dressmaker - try to speak to someone who has used the dressmaker's service before and been happy with the result. If you were to take in a photograph for a dressmaker to copy then how do you know that it will suit you? I think that is the critical point - what suits you?

Cut out photographs of dresses you like and show them to your fiance [!] - see what his reaction is to them! Think about who your style icons are. When you go shopping take someone you trust or go alone. If you normally shop alone your might want to try that first. Also if you take your best mate make sure she does not have her own agenda - will she encourage you to have what she would wear?! Also Mums have their own set ideas too!

Remember that some dresses have no hanger appeal - so you have to try them on! Try on shape after shape and eliminate as you go along and know why you have done so!

Don't limit yourself to finding an outfit which you could later alter and wear again - you will need to widen the search from bridal wear.

There are many hire services for mostly the traditional-style white wedding dress. What you might not get with this service is an alteration service - so check.

If on a budget - then options are: nearly new - once worn and ex-hire dresses. Never buy a dress over the internet without knowing its condition - get a written description as well as photographs. Ask as many questions are you can.


White Wedding or not?
Make an appointment with three or four outlets - they might not be able to fit you in if you just pop in.
If you can, shop on a weekday - you'll be given more time and it will be quieter.
Take someone you trust or shop alone.
Buy a good bra!

"What you wear on your Wedding Day is a serious statement of personal style and it is likely to be amongst the most costly clothing you'll ever buy! However, now-a-days the modern woman can be the bride she wants to be. Bridal fashion today is an exciting blend of old and new that reflects the diversity of contemporary culture and the various ways we celebrate marriage". Sarah Hayward the "Wedding Bible".

I said I would tell you more about my Wedding Dress in 2003. What I had had in mind was something a little unusual - I wanted some embroidery which I knew would be unique and a dress and a matching coat for our April Wedding. So I made an appointment with a couture bridal designer Hayley J in Shrewsbury. Hayley also made my outfit for my step-daughter's Wedding in June this year. I must have loved the process the first time around! Hayley has very kindly written something for me for this blog - but before I put her article in my blog today I need to tell you this.....

The process of creating my dream Wedding Dress with Hayley was fun and enjoyable, fun and enjoyable because Hayley knows what suits Brides' shapes and that help is invaluable and she is so passionate about the design and creation of the dress - it's a pleasure to go for a fitting and watch the dress progress to completion. Then you go in for the final fitting - this last time it is not the calico 'draft' anymore - it is your dress! Very emotional and poignant moment and a memory to treasure. So Hayley's words:

The Wedding Dress by Hayley J - couture bridal designer of Shrewsbury

"There are three important garments which most women will wear in their life. The christening gown chosen by your parents, the shroud chosen by your partner at the end of your life and the most pleasurable of all is the wedding gown worn to celebrate your marriage whether it a religious or civil ceremony this gown symbolizes the occasion.

Going back in history women would have worn their best dress for their wedding day which would have then been used every Sunday at church and special occasions. This garment would have been made by hand. The fabric would have been dyed with a natural vegetable color so therefore been coloured in muted tones of browns greens and blues.

It was Queen Victoria who set the trend for the white or light coloured bridal gown and hers was cream with mimosa flowers.

The white wedding dress was born and the fashion set for many years. White is also quite a deceiving color, as pure white was not available until bleached cloth was made by manufactures. A softer natural ivory was the true color of the fabric.

Through the years designers and dress makers have had a limited path to tread, as wedding dresses have rarely changed in style or color. This has all changed now as brides increasingly know exactly what style and shape they want.

The designs have become more varied, influenced by main stream fashion. This modern woman is full of ideas and themes for their big day which influence the dress from Hollywood glamour to medieval history. There has never been a more amazing choice of designs.

The Wedding Dress is the latest fashion accessory.

The most important element of the design of a wedding dress is basically the body shape of the wearer. Who depends solely on the cut of the gown suiting her figure to make her feel fantastic on her day."
Hayley J

So an appointment with Hayley will never be wasted time - one Bride whose Wedding will be photographing next year told me "I went in to see Hayley and I tried on some dresses and suddenly Hayley said that is the one for you and she was right - so much so that - although I did go to other outlets - I went back because that dress was calling to me and it had to be that shape because it suited me and I feel great in it".

Well this blog got quite personal today as I have had recent experience of organising my Wedding Dress. If you are reading this today - have a great weekend!

Next week the subject will be - The Wedding Flowers. Bye for now. Warm regards. Julia :-)