Monday, June 22, 2009


Hi Everyone
Well I have slipped a little on the posting of photographs from our Weddings - better late than never though! We had the most fabulous day with Victoria and Duncan at The Albright Hussey Manor in Shrewsbury on 5 June. The Ceremony was held on the lawn and it looked fantastic - a very unique and magical setting. We do love it at The Hussey! In fact, Martin's Daughter's Wedding in June 2006 was the first Ceremony outside and it never fails to be the most romantic Wedding setting.

I have only put a few photographs here from the hundreds on the DVD - we expect to hear that Victoria and Duncan are back from their honeymoon and we can then get the DVD to them. I have included a photograph of the Imperial Suite as well as I thought it looked beautiful - as it always does.

Duncan and the Guys arrived in a stretched Hummer which I know they enjoyed!

We have already booked half a dozen Weddings at The Hussey for 2010 and hope that that figure increases as we love the beauty of the venue and the professionalism of the management and staff and always feel at home there. We know that couples and their guests have the best of days there.

One special feature - which we try and include in our photographic list - is the lane at the back of the Hotel - weather permitting. If you have a look at our Album Presentation on our website [also on The Hussey's Website - Weddings and then View Album] and the first layout of our e-Brochure you will see how much fun it is to get round there which we always try and do.

Please get in touch if you have fixed your date - I am always - well almost always here! We already know many wonderful venues - if your venue is new to us - we always have a site/briefing meeting with you there pre-Wedding.

Warm regards. Julia
Julia and Martin Webb
01938 570069

We always accomplish an online gallery for all our couples - password protected - however we ask them to choose about 200 photographs from the some times 800 or so photographs we get on the day - as we cannot host so many and we want them to make their own choice anyway for online viewing.

I have actually networked with Martin's computer today and picked these photographs from his folders - he is just finishing the post-editing of my hundreds of photographs at the moment - as all digital photographers should do really - just to check them! He is very skilled in Adobe Photoshop and if he does a contemporary effect on a photograph he will always leave the original on the DVD - I will blog in the next couple of days with some of the romantic ones which Martin and I both took! There are some stunners!