Thursday, April 08, 2010


Hi Everyone

Martin and I were chatting today whilst he post-edited the photographs from a recent Wedding at Hawkstone Park - I watched him as he created some beautiful, contemporary effects on some of the photographs [always leaving the original on the DVD]. I said 'do you think our enquirers realise what work you do on the photographs?' - we decided that perhaps you don't. So just let me flag up that Martin looks at every photograph to make sure it is optimum - all professional photographers do this. He also creates what I can only call 'wedding art' with a good number of the photographs. My favourite is Hollywood Glow!

The print-ready DVD [printable up to poster size] is always available but is optional.

Another thing which is very important to Martin and me is the time we spend with our couples. Apart from the hour or so at a first meeting when we have a good chat about the Wedding - we always have a site/briefing meeting before the Wedding when we 'walk through' the Wedding - this can be an evening or a Sunday and usually a couple of hours. All included in our service.

So if you would like to know what we
charge for being on your team on your Wedding Day just email me and I will send you our PDF of Pricing. We are not really selling 10x8 inch prints - we are not really selling Wedding Albums - we are not really selling Canvas Wraps and Acrylics - not really selling a print-ready DVD - although we sell all those things.........

What we are selling is our vision. From this vision comes the creative opportunity we have on your Wedding Day. This is the investment you make in having us there on your Wedding Day - your story captured forever.

Wedding Albums are an option with us too - you do not have to have an Album - however in creating a Queensberry Wedding Album [our main range] or SIM2000 Wedding Album [our second range] we are packaging our vision as a timeless story for the future - and a safe place for your Wedding Story. A Wedding Album gives the story permanence, presence and protection. These things are a worthwhile investment if it fits into your plans/dreams/ideas/aspirations.

I am 100% sure though that your dreams for your Wedding Day will include having the best of days and we would like to help make that happen.

If you have any questions at all - please just email or give me a ring!

Warm regards. Julia
01938 570069