Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Lake Vyrnwy - no rain!

Hi Everyone

We had the most wonderful day at Lake Vyrnwy last Saturday.  Congratulations to Carys and Dan - a dry day although cloudy which you can see in this photograph turned into an arty photo my Martin in post-editing.

Our new website will be going live in mid-June - we are very excited about it!  Working hard on it with our web designer.

We've only a couple of Saturdays left this summer into autumn now - do get in touch if you are planning the Big Day this summer/autumn.  Also we are booking for 2013 and 2014 now - we will revise our Prices in mid-June - so enquire now and take advantage of present prices.

Our most local venue is Rowton Castle near Shrewsbury also The Albright Hussey Manor, Shrewsbury is our next closest!  We work all over Shropshire and the surrounding counties and were in York in March. 

Warm regards.  Julia