Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wedding Flowers

Hi - Friday again! We have a Wedding today and tomorrow - certainly the busy time of the year.

My blog on Wedding Flowers is going to be personal - as was my blog on the Wedding Dress - because Martin and I got married in 2003 and so we have recent experience!

I think the paramount point to remember when employing a Florist is that you are buying her/his expertise and skill as well as the flowers! A bit obvious I know but it is a fact!

I know how it feels to have your dream come true regarding your Wedding Flowers. I had quite well defined ideas about my Wedding Flowers and when I presented those ideas and saw them become a reality in 2003 - I knew I had had a fabulously talented Florist on my team! More of that later...

If you are just beginning to plan the flowers then here are a few things to consider:

What flowers do you already like?
Do you prefer traditional floral arrangements or a few wild flowers presented in a simple vase?
What flowers do you buy for your home?
How do these preferences fit with the style of wedding you are hoping to have, what you'll wear, your choice of venue[s] and the time of day and year you are marrying?
Are flowers a priority?
Do you want a few simple blooms or hugh, elaborate arrangements. Are they the starting point of creating your day?

You can arrange your own flowers, use a local florist shop, a freelance floral artist or employ a florist with a national or international reputation.

Our very favourite Floral Designer Sue Cotterill of Shrewsbury has very kindly written a few words for my blog today! We know Sue well as she created our floral arrangements and the bouquets for our Wedding in 2003. We highly recommend her to all our couples - without any hesitation - she's brilliant! Her work has recently been featured in new edition of "Brides" Magazine [Sept/Oct] on Pages 249-251 for the Wedding at Walcot Hall where she works a great deal. She is a delight to work with and nothing is too much trouble with Sue to make the Floral Element of a Wedding Day perfect!


"When choosing your florist, it is essential that she has reputation of consistent reliability, because she could turn your dream wedding into a nightmare if she fails you. Ideally, employ someone that has been recommended to you and after a consultation book her as soon as you have made a date for your 'big day', because popular people have full diaries.

It is important that she has an understanding of your expectation and your budget. Remember, simple bouquets and displays can in everyway be as effective as lavish expensive creations. 'Communication' is the key word when choosing your designs because they will compliment your dresses and theme. Without a good rapport between you and your floral designer, there may be disappointment.

Your florist should give you continued advice and confidence throughout the months before the wedding. You should be able to draw on her experience and imagination to provide you with the perfect flowers, enhancing your special day with fragrance and co-ordinating colours.

Be very sure you have an enthusiastic professional who will be prepared to give you that all important 'wow factor'!!"

I have again found valuable advice in the "Wedding Bible" by Sarah Haywood.
"Blooms the world over are airfrieghted-in and sold at flower markets up and down country. They can be used to wonderful effect to clearly express and signify who we are as individuals, couples, families and communities. If trying to create a specific style, mood or theme there's a flower or flowers to match. They can transform a venue, bringing it to life, creating a beautiful environment and a stunning sense of occasion" Sarah Haywood
Going back to Sue - I know what she means by 'wow factor!'. She accomplished that at the Albright Hussey Manor in the Imperial Suite when Martin and I got married. 'Wow' is what we wanted and 'Wow' is what we got! Sue is quite honestly passionate about flowers and people!
My bouquet and the floral arrangements had big burgundy roses in them and I have never seen the like of them before or since our Wedding - they were superb! Sarah Haywood who wrote the "Wedding Bible" says "One thing you should never skimp on is the bridal bouquet - it's in all the photographs!"
And we should know! Have a great weekend and look out for my blog on The Wedding Cake next Friday. Warm regards. Julia :-)