Friday, May 25, 2007


Hi Everyone

Yet another Friday – these weeks seem to go by so quickly during the busy Wedding Season!

I have mentioned before the great book the “Wedding Bible” by Sarah Haywood and you might be forgiven for thinking that I am on a commission arrangement with Sarah – but that is not the case! I just think that it is such a wonderful book to have by your side when you embark on planning a wedding and at £25 – it is a big book – it is worth its weight in gold really! Sarah has published her Wedding Planner now and it is worth buying to keep all your Wedding Documentation in order. Sarah has us on her 'people we like page' - have a look!

Sarah says that “there is no right or wrong way to plan a wedding. But it could be stressful and time-consuming when it doesn’t have to be”. Sarah has a Wedding Budget Checklist in her book and also these tips to ‘survive and thrive as a bride!’

Wise Money Management - plan only for the type of wedding you can afford

Be Organised – the biggest sanity saver

Present a United Front – create the day together and present a united front to families – leave a little room for family in-put

Respect and Compromise – be sensitive to the desires and expectations of your families and respect their views – even if you reject them. Be prepared to negotiate and compromise - especially if they are offering financial assistance! Delegate – behind every beautiful bride and gorgeous groom there is a fabulous and efficient team!

Bridesmaids and Best Man Selection – have a reliable Best Man and Chief Bridesmaid – if your closest friends are not reliable [!] – give them something else to do on the day!

Hiring and Firing – do not hire anyone or anything until you have seen or sampled their wares. Get every detail in writing – before signing a contract ask “is this your best price?”

Keep cool, calm and collected – be especially tolerant of your nearest and dearest. Don’t alienate anyone you’ll need later on!

Wedding Free Zones – have wedding free zones in your home and wedding-free evenings with your intended!

Planning Your Wedding - I have compiled below an outline list of things you need to do – there is a very comprehensive phase-line for each aspect of a Wedding in the “Wedding Bible”. If you are beginning to plan your Wedding - I hope that the list below will inspire you! Please get in touch with us to see is we are available on your Wedding Day - it is never to early to do that!

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend. Warm reegards. Julia


12 months before or when you get engaged

• Decide upon your wedding date

• Decide on your budget

• If you are getting married in church you will need to agree on the arrangements with your local minister

• If you are getting married in a register office, you will need to give notice to the Registrar – only possible 12 months before your chosen Wedding Date

• Decide on the number of guests and make a list

• Book the wedding reception

• Book the marquee suppliers – if required

• Book the caterers – if required

• Book the photographer

• Book the florist

• Book musicians, band or DJ for the wedding reception

• Book the wedding transport

• Book the toastmaster if you intend on having one

• Book the honeymoon and apply for a new passport

• Order the cake

• Start looking for your wedding dress. Decide whether you want it to be a designer dress or an 'off the peg' dress

• Decide on your bridesmaids and ushers

• Decide on your ‘Best Man’

• Confirm all bookings in writing

6 months before

• Order the wedding invitations and other stationery

• Attend initial fitting for the wedding dress

• Choose the bride’s wedding shoes and accessories

• Choose the wedding attire for the groom, best man, bridesmaids, fathers, mothers and ushers

Choose the bride’s and groom’s wedding rings

• Order your wedding favours

• Notify your bank, Building Society and relevant authorities that you intend on changing your name and as of what date it will take affect

• Take out wedding insurance, if required – check what the exclusions are

• Arrange to see your hairdresser or barber about what hairstyle you want on your big day. Brides should take along a picture of the dress and veil or headdress and other accessories to help the hairdresser create a hairstyle that will compliment and finish off the look• Book a beautician for your wedding day, if required

3 months before

• Send out the wedding invitations – you may have sent out ‘keep the day’ cards earlier

• Decide upon your wedding list, and make it available to all your wedding guests

• Advise your guests to book any overnight accommodation now while there is still availability• Confirm your ceremony details with either the registrar or the minister

• Decide upon your chosen wedding music or hymns

• Arrange for the ‘Order of Service’ sheets to be printed

• Buy gifts for the best man, ushers and bridesmaids

• Discuss the seating plan with the caterer/hotel

• Arrange to have any vaccinations done, if required

• Start to plan your hen and stag parties1 month before

• Arrange for a final fitting of your wedding dress

• Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the reception venue

• Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the caterer

• Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the florist

• Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the company supplying the wedding transport

• Reconfirm the honeymoon arrangements

• Have the hen and stag nights

• Finalise the seating plan with the caterer/hotel

• Arrange a date for a wedding rehearsal, if required

• Telephone any guests who have not yet responded to your invitation

• Organise a date when you can pick up your wedding outfits

• Write the wedding speeches (groom, best man, father of the bride)

• Collect Orders of Service, menu and place cards

7 days before

• Have the wedding rehearsal

• Pack for your honeymoon

• Wear-in your wedding shoes. It will give brides who are not used to walking in high heels a chance to practice

• Organise with a close friend to have an emergency wedding kit, just for the bride, containing makeup and a repair kit for the wedding dress, so you can be ready for any minor hiccups through the day

• Order your foreign currency and /or travellers cheques

• Give the best man a list of all the wedding services involved in your wedding day, in case they need to be contacted