Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Wedding Week

Hi - Good Morning! Friday yet again!

We have a Wedding today and Saturday and Saturday's is in Essex! What I would just like to say at the beginning of this blog is that we do travel! If it is logistically possible to be at a Wedding then we will be there!

I know we live 15 minutes from Shrewsbury [and 8 mins from Rowton] - just into Wales - in the gorgeous Welsh Countryside - I would say that this should not be a concern for you wherever in the UK or further a field you live or your Wedding will be! Just wanted to say that today! :-) We are working now-a-days in Cheshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire - as well as Shropshire and Mid-Wales! And Essex too!

I've been in close contact this week with both the couples for today and tomorrow and this brings me to my subject today - The Wedding Week!

Excellent information in Sarah Haywood's book the "Wedding Bible" about a Checklist for the Wedding Day and a Schedule. It's a gorgeous book and such a lovely memento of all your planning and so very helpful!

In the week before the Big Day have confidence in those to whom you have entrusted your day! Martin and I are totally part of the team on the day and we will help in any way we can! It's been said more than once that we are more than photographers!

When you look through your checklist try and delegate to a trusted friend or relative and for the day decide who will be in charge and IT SHOULD NOT BE EITHER OF YOU!

  • I always carry a kit with me on the Wedding Day that has: sewing kit, pins and safety pins, sticky tape [to remove pollen] and loads of other things including headache tablets! So I always have that to hand and I do use it quite a lot! We also have water on a hot day at a Church Service.

  • In the days before your Wedding try and get some rest. Avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water!

  • On the Big Day - try and have some breakfast - the dress will still fit! I have had Brides tell me that is why they did not eat and then they are swimmy headed. Get dressed somewhere quiet with good light and power points for hair dryers etc.

  • I have noticed that when all the girls get ready together there are loads of bags in the Bridal Suite. Someone should be delegated to remove them so that you don't have bridesmaids knocking on the door on your Wedding Night! Sarah Haywood suggests putting luggage tags on the bags with their destination for the night!

  • I think a tip I would pass on is that the Groom and the Best Man and the Ushers all get their button holes on as soon as possible. The Groom and Best Man do usually remember - but the Ushers are in the photographs before the ceremony too!

  • Try and let the nerves go - you will have planned a brilliant support team and Martin and I could be there too!

So your Wedding Day ....... [tips from the "Wedding Bible"]

  • You will both feel loads of different emotions and they are all normal!
  • Your mood and behaviour are contagious though - everyone is there to support you and so smile and make eye contact.
  • Have a smile for your Groom and for your Father.
  • Take your time entering the room/church.
  • This is your moment under the spotlight, the one time in your life when it is all about you!
  • When the ceremony is over the celebrating begins!

Now I would say - but I am totally and utterly biased - that your Wedding Day needs to be the dream day you've planned and you need photographic evidence of that dream coming true - you need Spinning Your Dreams! There I had to say it! :-) I think I am allowed!

If your Wedding happens to be very close - we wish you the Best Day of Your Lives! Enjoy yourselves - it will all go by very quickly indeed!

Martin and I adore Weddings - we love being there and we love photographing them - I hope that through my blogs and our website that you have got that idea! :-)

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend. Until next Friday. Warm regards. Julia :-)