Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hi Everyone
A month ago we had a lovely day with Sarah and Kristien. Their Ceremony was at Shrewsbury Castle and after at the Pro Star Stadium. Sarah got ready at The Prince Rupert Hotel and I was with her whilst she and her Bridesmaids got ready. Before arriving at the Pro Star Stadium we drove with just Sarah and Kristien to Attingham Park and got some fab photos there.
Sarah had the most lovely purple shoes and gorgeous dress! We did the Fun Wall for them in the evening and they danced the night away!
I will be blogging about two more Weddings tomorrow!
Just to say that when Martin has done an effect on a photograph - our Brides and Grooms get the original on the print-ready DVD as well! I have chosen quite a lot of contemporary effects examples below - because I think that they look so fab!
Warm regards. Julia
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