Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hi Everyone

This is a special message for Emma and Peter who are having a very difficult and sad time and we send them all our good wishes. A hug is worth so much - as you have proved in the photo above!

Whilst blogging I would also like to remember couples Emma & Keith and Sophia & William who are also in need of hugs.

I cannot make any excuses for not blogging recently except for the fact that we have been photographing Weddings - quite a good excuse I think!

We are looking at a lot of things this Autumn - updating the website and reviewing our pricing and getting new photographs on our Gallery.

I can email you our PDF of pricing by return if you just fill out the form on our Contact page - if you are information gathering - make sure to just fill out the simple form.

One last mention to a very lovely lady - my cousin Renella - it was fab to find out you read my blogs!

Bye for now. Warm regards. Julia