Thursday, June 28, 2012

Launch of new website planned for this weekend!

Hi Everyone

Well we have a Wedding at Walcot Hall this Saturday for Ruth and Chris and then at our nearest venue - Rowton Castle - next Wednesday for Jai and Roshi.  The above photo of Lauren and Cameron is taken with the lovely view at Walcot Hall in the distance back at the beginning of May.

I am spending all my time uploading photographs at the moment to the new Gallery on our Brand New Website - which - all things being good - will go live over this coming weekend!  Exciting times!

There will be a comprehensive form for you to complete if you would like our information on the new website and please email or phone me at any time - even a Sunday! 

Spinning Your Dreams is 10 years old now and it is a lovely, dynamic stage to have a new website - thanks go to Kirsty for making our dreams all come true with the design of the site.

My old blogs - such as this will be - will all be available on the new site with a link - my blogs go back to 2006 and some of them include Wedding Tips and Advice.

Hope to hear from you if you are planning your Wedding - we are booking well for 2013 and in fact 2014 just as strongly - get in touch - with no obligation at all.

Warm regards.  Julia :-)