Monday, January 28, 2008

New Supplier Directories for Shropshire and the UK

Hi Everyone

The very well established and highly respected Wedding Supplier Website is now under new ownership - the running of the Website has been taken over by Laura Clarke. It launched today and has some fantastic new features including wedding planning tools for Brides and Grooms and for anyone planning a Wedding. There is a free login for all those planning Weddings to access those planning tools.

Also the Website is very friendly towards Suppliers - who can also have a personal login to edit and change their ads whenever they like. is already a great place to start planning your Wedding and Laura expects it to become the premier interactive site in the County.

In fact she has a similar website for most counties in the UK and is also running - the original format was so well established and very popular that Suppliers in other counties have asked for a weddingsin for their County!

Spinning Your Dreams is of course on the new as it was on the old one - and I wish Laura every success with this new Website. I think that this new revamped Website looks fabulous! It is easy to use and very contemporary and more than anything else very useful and effective for both people planning a Wedding and the Suppliers of Wedding Services.

I am very happy to endorse Laura's website and wish her every success - and I am happy to blog about the re-launch of today!

Happy Wedding Planning Everyone - Warm regards - Julia