Friday, October 09, 2009

Lake Vyrnwy Wedding

Hi Everyone

We spent a wonderful afternoon with Mirinda and Mark and their families a few weeks ago on a Thursday at Lake Vyrnwy Hotel about 30 minutes from us. I have just put a few here from the few hundred we got for them.

Martin and I love Lake Vyrnwy and the sky there changes from minute to minute. We had a little rain and then it became very sunny and warm! The first photograph here and the last one of my blog were taken 2 minutes apart! Mirinda and Mark had their lovely children there with them - all of them so much fun!

We went down to the Lake edge's with Mirinda and Mark in our 4x4 and the videographer came too [in his car!]. He arranged Mirinda and Mark with their children to walk across the grass and we were happy to get stills! We then took the happy Bride and Groom for a walk on the 'beach'.

We love Lake Vyrnwy and its Hotel and are always happy to photograph Weddings there.

This is a Friday blog so will wish you all a happy weekend. :-)

Warm regards. Julia
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