Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Something Special from Spinning Your Dreams!

Hi Everyone

Well we popped over to Liverpool to the Confetti Wedding Show to see Sarah Haywood - Sarah Haywood is the Wedding Planner extraordinaire.” Matthew Wright, Channel 5 TV - last Sunday. Sarah was hosting a demonstration about aspects of wedding planning and her advice was much enjoyed by Brides embarking on planning their Weddings.

We also collected from her a number of her Wedding Bible Books and Wedding Planners which she had kindly signed for us. We are offering couples booking for 2009 and after the choice of The Wedding Bible or The Wedding Planner as a remarkable aid to planning your Wedding and something which will also become a treasured momento of the planning.

If you are planning your Wedding - come and see us for an hour or so [no obligation] and chat with us about your Wedding and your thoughts on your Wedding Photography. There are a few Saturdays left in 2008 and we are booking strongly for 2009 and even 2010!

Warm regards. Julia