Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hi Everyone - 22 April - it finally seems to have decided to warm up and start Spring! Long may it last!

This is an excerpt from an email I sent to a Groom this morning who has taken the leap of faith and booked us following a phone call and emails - the couple live in London. The Wedding is a Church Wedding in Shropshire followed by a Reception at a local hotel and then there are further celebrations in Leicester the next day - we will photograph both days! They had been considering relying on friends and family taking photographs as they felt that a wedding photographer might detract from the day - these were some of thoughts I emailed the Groom:

"Let me say from the outset that we would be delighted to photograph both days' proceedings and you have a great deal going on that weekend! Our feedback about friends taking photographs is that it disappoints every time – they are not professionals and they photograph the people they know not everyone! It’s not worth taking that chance – investment in professional wedding photography really needs to be high on the list – although we do understand that it is not tangible until after the wedding – when everything else is tangible before and during the wedding – this is why we feel some people overlook the photography.

However - and this is the most important bit – friends do not know how to direct a wedding – especially a church wedding – it takes direction after your vicar has married you – we take over and make everything run like clockwork with care and consideration and empathy – your weekend needs this input and your fiancée would be incredibly disappointed if things did not go well and then she also did not have photographic memories either! Good wedding photographers are worth their weight in gold! We are both tall too so that is a lot of gold!

Martin and I will be part of your support system on the two days and we carry a little kit of everything you might need – down to sewing kit and safety pins and sellotape etc and you would not believe it but I use it every wedding. At a summer wedding we have a cool box of drinks as you are very dry in the mouth after the ceremony and also on a warm summer’s day! Bottom line – we care! We are very worth having there – I think you may well be getting what we are all about! More than just photographers – we are a husband and wife team who love to help couples and guests have the best time ever and we do not detract from the day but enhance it – we know that because we have been told!"

I am getting many phone calls now for weddings this year and it is quite frustrating to say we are already booked. I do think that in some cases photography is an after thought and not invested in at the outset of planning. If you are planning for 2009 onwards - please get in touch - have a chat - let me find out what you want from your wedding photography and Martin and I will make those dreams come true! Never too early to just give me a call!

Warm regards. Julia
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