Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wedding Season and Warm Spring Weather!

Hi Everyone!

Although I gave some Wedding Tips on many Wedding Venues which are very close to us, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Flowers - and for flowers we highly recommend Sue Cotterill - Sue's number is [01743] 353924and most certainly Wedding Photography last year - click on the highlighted words here and it will take you to the archived blog - I thought I would just give a tip at this stage as the Wedding Season kicks in for this year and also we seem to be enjoying some well earned warm weather!
We enjoyed a fabulous Wedding at Packington Moor Farm near Lichfield last Saturday [3/5/2008]- having also had a fabulous day at Rowton Castle the day before! Both gorgeous Brides had taken my advice about their hair! I do advise that there are not too many little curls or little strands of hair around your face! I know that it looks fabulous in the salon or at the hotel before the Wedding - however - generally much of your time will be spent outside with spring and summer weddings - and the smallest of breezes will blow the small curls over your face and will definitely irritate you. Whilst Martin and I take photographs we are always looking for these things and will always notice if the Bride's hair is across her face - of course! It is just so much more simple to have either no curls/straight pieces of hair or just a couple which will stay well away from your eyes! Both our beautiful Brides this last weekend had taken this advice and they were comfortable and - may I say - very classic and highly photogenic with their hair up and a sparkly tiara! Just a tip!
I highly recommend a great young guy called Ashley at SY1 Salon on Dogpole, Shrewsbury for your special Wedding Day hair. Have a consultation with Ashley and he will advise you about the way your hair will look best for your Wedding Day - look on our resources page for other suppliers you will need!

Well wishing you all happy Wedding Planning and do get in touch - email or phone 01938 570069 - about your Wedding be it this Autumn or next year or even 2010 - we are booking that far ahead!

Warm regards. Julia