Sunday, July 13, 2008


Hi Everyone

I thought I would just talk about Wedding Photography Trends today because I want to get over to you what Martin's and my approach to our Wedding Photography is all about - we always ask at first meetings what kind of photography our couples want and they do describe - quite often - what they don't want!

Anyway below is a short description of the trends and the last one I mention might be of interest as this is the up and coming trend and I am happy to report that Spinning Your Dreams has been doing this for a while - it has been a microtrend - and of course like all good things it will become mainstream with creative/fun wedding photographers. Let me explain....

One of the more popular trends is wedding photojournalism, which has been gaining interest for well over fifteen years. With wedding photojournalism many of the moments and events of the wedding are captured by the photographers without any input or direction from him or her. Thus the pictures are as natural as they can be, and therefore tend to capture the aura of the special day. In some cases all the photos of the wedding are done in a wedding photojournalism manner, hence no posing of any kind will be seen in the resulting pictures.

Another wedding photography trend that is rapidly becoming popular is the mixture of the traditional and journalistic approaches. Here the wedding photographers will concentrate on getting as many pictures of the wedding day in a photo journalistic manner and also do a session where formal poses are done. These formal poses will normally involve the couple, their family and their friends.

One of the more recent directions in wedding photography is the adding of a bit of 'fairytale fantasy' to the picture. This trend seems to have had its advent in fashion magazines that cater to high-end customers and many wedding magazines. Many wedding photographers have used these 'fairytale fantasy' trends to offer couples unique and creative ways of doing their photographs. With this trend the photographers' main goal is to bring out the couple's beauty, and add a bit of glamour to their captured interactions. Couples who take advantage of this approach should be looking for creative/fun photographers.

So three approaches - we have been using traditional and journalistic styles together for years now - and in the last year or so the newer trend of 'fairytale fantasy' - in essence what this come down to is that the Bride and Groom - who look fabulous on their Wedding Day - will spend a little time with us getting a few romantic photographs which will just 'take things to a new level' - not groups shots with friends and family - not inaction shots with guests - all of those we still accomplish - but a few that reflect a special time together away from everyone - taking time to absorb the totally awesome day that a Wedding Day is and not forgetting your love for each other on that day - it is our pleasure to capture those moments and we take great pride in guiding our couples. Our style is all three trends above woven into a chilled and relaxed day! The perfect approach to Wedding Photography.

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Warm regards. Julia

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