Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hi Everyone

I am in the process of writing a small booklet with tips and advice about Weddings including the Photography! However, I feel that I want to pass this bit of advice on now. I was with the Bride, whilst she was getting ready, at our last Wedding [which I often do] and I had a lift to the Church from the Hotel in the stretched limo [pre-arranged so that I could be with the Bride all the time].

We left the Hotel for the Church in good time. I was sitting with the driver and he told me he had come from Wolverhampton and had not been to the Church before. At the junction to join the main road the Satellite Navigation's lady said 'turn right'.

I was immediately concerned that this would be the wrong way to go to the Church as we would go down very narrow, windy lanes and this was a stretched limo. I said to the driver that I felt we should go left. He thanked me for the advice and said that if he had got stuck in a lane or something had been coming the other way - he would not have been able to back up. The Sat Nav then continually tried to get him to turn right down more lanes. I encouraged him to stay on the main road.

We got to the Church and I have to say I am not at all sure that we would have done had I not challenged the Sat Nav!

My advice then is this - if you are having Weddings Cars from out of the area or a stretched limo - find out if they know the way to the Church - if they rely on Sat Nav it could be a very big disaster!

If you would like my PDF booklet on Tips and Advice - please email me and I will put you on the list when I 'publish'. I know Weddings inside out and it is a fact that I am not just involved with the Photography. Martin and I are generally there all day - we are aware of almost everything and we will help with just about anything!

Drop me an email now! julia@spinningyourdreams.co.uk

Warm regards. Julia
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