Monday, September 15, 2008


Hi Everyone

I have some news and views for you today!

The news is that we have added another Album format to our range. The Coffee Table Wedding Book - a hard backed album where the pages are the thickness of a magazine. This enhances what we can offer substantially. A World Class Queensberry Album can be planned for the Bride and Groom or the Coffee Table Wedding Book - or in fact a combination of the two incorporating Parents' Albums and little Guest Albums - all very exciting. Please look at our Gold and Platinum Packages on the "Our Service" page which feature the new Coffee Table Wedding books - everything you could possibly want from your Wedding Photographers! If you would like more information -please just get in touch!

Second piece of news is that we are now offering a "Self Portrait Fun Wall" for the evening. Well we accomplished our first one last Saturday at The Albright Hussey Manor in Shrewsbury - and it was a roaring success! So much fun! What we do is set-up a small studio - with studio lights etc. and a long remote cable and once Martin has focused and aligned the group - someone in the group actually takes the photo! Although it is a fun/wacky thing - very much so in fact - many families took it as an opportunity to have a proper family portrait - which was great. The photographs will appear on the couple's personal website gallery and all those that took photographs can view them [and if they wish buy them - a family portrait without visiting a studio!]

We will be putting a slide show of some of them on our website within the next fortnight.

Now to views.....

One of our couples came to review their Album last week and we got chatting. They said that friends of theirs had been quite disappointed that they had had to pay a great deal more after their particular Wedding to buy extra photographs that they liked. This is called 'selling-up'. We don't do this. You can buy from us a print-ready DVD of all your photographs - at least 750 - from your Wedding and then you have control of them. We would like to flag this up to you. You choose the photographs to go into your Wedding Album as well and you have final approval of the draft - it is not created until you are 100% happy with it.

Lasting - it is very gratifying that at least 50% of our bookings for next year are from 'word of mouth' referrals - as they were this year.

Our main venues are The Albright Hussey Manor [25 mins from us], Rowton Castle [10 mins from us], Walcot Hall [25 mins from us], Delbury Hall [30 mins from us], Lake Vyrnwy Hotel [30 mins from us], Hawkstone Park Hotel [35 mins from us], Mytton & Mermaid [30 mins from us]. We also love photographing marquee receptions. We work at quite a number of new venues each year and we always have a site meeting there - so wherever you are going to be for your Big Day please check us out!

That's it from me - please give me a ring to chat about your Wedding - I love to hear what couples have got planned! On 27 September Martin will go with our couple in a helicopter to the reception venue - and I will drive there ready to get a photograph of them landing!

Warm regards. Julia
01938 570069