Friday, August 01, 2008



Choosing what time of the year to have your Wedding is a decision which can be made for many reasons.

A Winter Wedding Day is very different from a Summer Wedding Day – however – I have to say that both are at the mercy of the weather!

One other consideration is the light on a Winter’s Day. What has surprised Martin and me over the years is that we can have a blue sky – no clouds – day in January just as easily as any other time of the year.

Adaptability is always the answer.

We pride ourselves on being totally flexible on any Wedding Day – we have taken the precaution of buying some lovely white wedding umbrellas and they do get used every now and again!

Also from November to March – we have darkness falling that much earlier than the rest of the year. It is always very romantic to have candles and the Church [if a Church Wedding] and the Wedding Breakfast venue can very romantic aspects for Winter Weddings!

Also flowers – especially around Christmas time and the New Year – can be sumptuous – e.g. deep red roses and golds in the colour scheme for instance. We have two fabulous florists on our website - they are just what you need!

Wedding Dresses also tend to steer towards a little more warmth [and even red] – or utilise a lovely warm wrap for any outside photos. Hayley J of Shrewsbury is a top talent for the most unique wedding dresses. My best advice with regard to the Wedding Dress is to always have it made for you - it will then fit in all the right places - you will have full confidence in it on the day - and I will say that that shows in the photographs - if some aspect of the dress bothers you - you will be ill at ease and that shows!

Hayley - who made my Wedding Gown - knows what suits you - can advise and consult with you and then you have the most fabulous experience associated with your Wedding Dress [top tip - a made to measure dress does not have to be much more in price than one off the peg - we have heard that when an off the peg dress is altered to fit - this can come to almost the same price!]

So if you are in the early stages and still pin-pointing a date. Don’t pass over the winter dates. One of our favourite venues –
Rowton Castle, Shrewsbury – is just perfect for a Winter Wedding and we are there a great deal in that season.

The Albright Hussey Manor, Shrewsbury has a fabulous marquee style banquet room which is lovely for the summer – but if the room is dressed well with deep coloured flowers and loads of candles – it is just perfect for the Winter Season!

Other venues we think would be fabulous in Winter are:
Walcot Hall, Mellington Hall, Weston Park, Sweeney Hall, Mytton & Mermaid, Davenport House, Delbury Hall, Lake Vyrnwy Hotel, Curradine Barns, Packington Moor, The Bringewood, Albrighton Hall, Leighton Hall, Fishmore Hall, Loton Park and Combermere Abbey. Look on our

All very romantic. So with these things in mind – the weather – the light and the romantic atmosphere of a Winter Season Wedding – you then need Photographers who can make the very most of such a day – us!

We were booked for two weddings in 2005 and 2006 – one in Tenbury Wells [December Wedding] and one in Abergavenny [November Wedding] – both Brides told me that they had had a real problem finding a photographer who would even do the wedding – they were told the light would be bad! Well we thought how un-creative! We booked both Weddings and had fantastic days.

So if you would like to talk to me about your Winter Season Wedding give me a ring 01938 570069. We travel anywhere we are wanted – we were at Rowton Hall, Chester and Moxhall Hotel in Birmingham last year and have been to Worcester this year and will be in Leicester this month too. We are in Llandrindod Wells tomorrow! So distance in the West Midlands and into Cheshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and the Welsh Borders to the coast is never a problem.

We are at Packington Moor Farm and Curradine Barns this year too.

One other thing before I close - we do have specific [lower] prices for November to March - so get in touch and ask me about them! Although not peak wedding season - it is a lovely, romantic and memorable time of the year to get married and we would take great pleasure in making sure that all your plans come to fruition - as we do with our all Weddings - and that you have the time of your lives!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Warm regards. Julia