Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2009 & 2010 & 2011 Wedding?

Hi Everyone

We are fast approaching Christmas and 2009 and I would like to wish you all a very lovely festive season and if your Wedding is next year - happy planning and preparation - get in touch - we would love to hear from you. We are booking for 2010 too and it is never to early to contact us.

Please have a look at my past blogs if you have time!

A Wedding Day is quite literally a day which might be a time when you spend the most money in one go - except for perhaps buying a house!

It's quite a scary thought really to spend that amount of money on one day. I think people do dedicate so much because it means a great deal indeed to couples and their friends and families. They are Dream Days - Wedding Days - couples and their families invest so much money in them but also so much emotion too - we understand that.

What Martin and I feel is that a priority placed on your Wedding Photography is one of the most important investments that you do make in your Big Day! Just recently I have been having loads of conversations on the phone with Brides and Grooms and also when couples come and have an informal meeting with us at our home one evening or Sunday. It is very interesting indeed what issues and points are raised.

We are often told that couples want relaxed days - not to be involved with formal photography all the time - reportage photography was popular a few years ago and still there are wedding photographers who do not organise anything and then the organising on the day is all down to you.

However, slowly the trend went back to traditional and reportage [photo-journalistic] combined on the day. There will always be photographs of the couple, family and wedding party which should be taken. Everyone looks fabulous - why wouldn't they all want their photos taken?!

Then - with Spinning Your Dreams - when we are not taking any organised photographs [which you brief us on pre-wedding] - we are photo-journalistic - capturing the atmosphere of the day and all the little details and always the fun!

What we also do - and this we feel is part of our strong reputation - is that we guide you through the day - so that you have the chance and opportunity to enjoy your day. You should not be thinking about anything but having a dream day! This is possible and it is what you deserve!

Martin and I are invited to be with you on your Wedding Day - we are part of your team on the day - with your happiness and enjoyment of the day at the top of our agenda! It goes without saying that with that in mind we always get beautiful photographs - our expertise - your memories!

We are off for our Winter Break in December - if you are planning your Wedding [we are getting enquiries for 2010 now] - don't leave your Wedding Photography to chance. We have some Saturdays left in 2009 - and many weekdays - so whenever your Wedding is - get in touch!

Warm regards. Julia
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