Tuesday, October 07, 2008

FAQ - something I get asked quite a lot!


Hi Everyone

I am often asked "is it too early to be booking you?"

Well - and I know we are very biased - it is NEVER too early to book your Wedding Photographers! I have had two enquiries for a date in September 2009 this morning! Many of the main High Season Saturdays have already been booked for 2009.

If you get in touch with me - it will always be an informal chat by phone or email - with no obligation. Unless you get in touch the truth is that you will not know what a difference we can make to your Big Day!

I can send your all our information including pricing with an email as PDFs easily attached and easy to print off. You will see two new packages on our website - Gold and Platinum Packages. These are all in prices - price available on request. We also have our Deluxe Designer packages where you literally create your own - very popular indeed!

Why not email me - ask for the PDFs - no obligation - then you will have them to hand and can assess if we might be what you are looking for - and then come and see us informally one evening or Sunday [weekdays fine too] - nothing ventured - nothing gained!

It has also been mentioned to me by our couples that they were advised to "have friends and family do the photography - by their other friends and family!" Well again - how biased are we?! BUT - this is such a gamble. They cannot direct and run Wedding Days as we can and they generally photograph people they know and not those they don't know.

Stress free days are what we guarantee - on your team for the day - making sure it all goes to plan and you are enjoying every moment! Leaving you with perfect memories and fabulous photographs!

We work all over the Midlands and if we do not know a venue - we always have an in depth site meeting there with our couple.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Warm regards Julia
01938 570069